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21 Aug

The FDA approved ella, a new, more effective emergency contraceptive that can work up to five days after unprotected sex.

Our great state looks to expand access to free contraceptive services through Medicaid! “The state health department estimates that 11,064 unintended pregnancies were avoided through the program in 2008, saving the state about $139.1 million, which would have been needed to cover births and subsequent health care for those children.”

Officials in Arkansas start to wise up to the fact that abstinence-only sex education does not work, and consider abandoning that policy and instituting comprehensive sex education, instead.

Someone stands up for the rights of low-income, pregnant women.



17 Aug

You may have noticed that my blogroll, while small, contains some awesome links. I started off just linking to the blogs of my friends (Jessica Annabelle, Joe, Dan, D’laney, Molly Looze, and Naomi) but recently decided that I’d like to include links to some of the blogs I check every day.

A couple of them are feminist blogs (Feministe and Feministing), a couple are more LGBTQIA focused (Dan Savage and Fit For a Femme [the writer of this blog posts pictures of her outfits, and they are AMAZING]) and a couple are blogs that cover mostly racial issues (Racialicious and Colorlines).

I’ve included a wide range of topics because I believe that being a one-issue citizen/voter/blogger is difficult and not true to who I am. Obviously, there are issues which I avoid completely, and others which I spend a majority of my time on. But I’d like my readers to be exposed to blogs which discuss some of the ideas I don’t have the time or expertise to write about.

Here, for your sampling pleasure, are some of posts/articles I’ve read recently from each of my links. Hopefully you’ll find them as intriguing, thought-provoking and revealing as I do:

  1. Colorlines – The College Graduation Gap Can Be Shrunk
  2. D’laney – COH Wrapup (I’ve linked to this before, but in case you didn’t catch it the first time…)
  3. Dan Savage – Before the Bondage Workshop
  4. Daniel – the final word at home
  5. Feministe – On That “Ground Zero” Mosque
  6. Feministing – Action Steps YOU Can Take to Improve Trans Folks’ Access to Healthcare
  7. Fit For a Femme – My little pony. (This is the most recent post, but also one of my favorite outfits so far)
  8. Jessica Annabelle – It’s Kink Week, and Jessi is doing a wonderful job of writing about kink (both personally and generally). It was hard (pun sort of intended) to choose one post, but here it is: Kink Q&A, Part Two Continued: Unlearning the Unhealthy Stuff I Felt I Should Do while Young, Straight and Female. I would urge you all to read all their kink week stuff, though. It’s great.
  9. Joe’s is a mostly personal blog, but here is one great review of a cocktail (the Alabama Slammer): Day 9 and 10: New and old friends
  10. Molly Looze – not a clue of this who i am (she’s a wonderful poet)
  11. Naomi – Heart of the Matter
  12. Racialicious – links for 2010-08-12 (while I love what the Racialicious writers have to say, one of the main reasons i read the blog is because they link to so many great articles. check ’em out)
  13. Yes Means Yes – Image

Dear friends, if any of you would like me to remove you from this post/blogroll, let me know. Otherwise, I hope you all enjoy.


9 Aug

Refuse the Silence: Being a Woman of Color at an Elite College

Memo to Women in Law: Shut up About Your Workplace Harassment!

What is feminism worth? (Re: our tendency to expect activists to do all their work for free, and the problems with that expectation)

The poverty lab (a wonderful TED talk. go here to see more TED talks)