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25 Sep

i have posted on my tumblr recently:

The Combahee River Collective Statement


The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House by Audre Lorde (i need to read so much more by her. @jessicaannabelle: was zami good?!)

(lololol. also, the single fuck that was not given probably had something to do with DADT, abortion rights, or any of his other recent fails)

Poem about My Rights by June Jordan

today’s links

8 Sep

Hey everyone! I started this entry on Labor Day, which is why the first link references the holiday. These links are all very pertinent, regardless. ❤

Today is Labor Day, and even though my college doesn’t have the day off (OH THE HORROR), I’m trying to spend some time thinking about labor practices int the United States. After all, Labor Day isn’t just a day to sit around and do nothing. It could be a day to work for better work conditions. Colorlines talks about important workplace reforms that everyone should be thinking about this Labor Day.

Dan Savage links to (and quotes) an article about the impatience of the American people and our unwillingness to understand that solutions to pervasive societal problems will take time to implement. That’s not to say, however, that there aren’t some problems which have quick solutions, or which deserve immediate attention because of the amount of time they’ve been ignored.

You know all that stuff about reintegrating people into society after they’ve served time in jail? Well it’s all talk unless you’re working to do things like “ban the box,” which prevents employers from asking applicants about their criminal records. How is someone supposed to reintegrate into society if they can’t get a job?

Feministe has cross-posted a series of three posts from the Global Maternal Health Conference in New Delhi. Here are one, two (about how important context is for maternal health) and three (about outpatient abortion services).

You obvi need to read the new Vanity Fair article on Sarah Palin. See Dan’s post about that here.

Stand up for the rights of LGBTQIA students in schools by reading this article and adding your name to the petition.

2 Sep

I’m really digging butch in america, which jessi has on their blogroll.

Today’s links

29 Aug

New U.K. Study: One in Ten Women in Prostitution Are Slaves. That should send a message to guys who pay for sex: either make sure you’re paying someone who is not a slave, or don’t pay for sex. Still haven’t reached a conclusion regarding my thoughts on legality/illegality of prostitution.

Kentucky lawyer is cited for contempt for refusing to divulge the name of her client whose status as a minor compels her to seek permission from her parents or the court before obtaining an abortion. The young girl did not want her name given in court, and the law states that she had the right for it to remain private. Rock on, KY lawyer, rock on.

Someone remind me what the problem with stem-cell research is? From what I can tell, it improves the lives of people actually living with actual diseases, who can actually feel pain. I’m glad the Obama Administration feels the same way I do.

Hey! United States! You’re failing again! A new study shows that “the U.S. trails other nations in the proportion of women holding elected positions.” But we’re really super progressive, right? And feminism is totally unnecessary, right? Because we’ve definitely reached our full potential as a gender, right? Or, you know, not.

The word “abortion” is googled more in conservative areas where access to the procedure is much more restricted. Interesting. Thoughts?
Coming at you from Feministe, which rocks my world all the time: Marginalized folks shouldn’t always have to be “the bigger persons” Too true. Most of the time, I try not to be a huge asshole when calling people out, I try to explain coherently why whatever has been done or said bothers me, and I try to be calm. At Grinnell, that’s been working really well, and people are pretty much always down to hear what I say and respect my feelings about subjects, words, etc. But sometimes that doesn’t work. And sometimes, I just don’t care how “sensitive” or “overreactive” I’m being. The other night, a guy friend (who actually isn’t really a friend anymore) made a rape joke, and I just went off on him. Two of my girlfriends were there with me, and I know there were a little taken aback by how upset I got, but I really couldn’t give less of a shit. I’m gonna get angry sometimes, and I sure as hell hope (for your sake) that it’s not at you.

23 Aug

so, Jess hasn’t been blogging for about a week because they’ve been at the femme conference. i miss their blogs. so i’m linking you to a recent one that’s really great.


today’s links

23 Aug

An important reminder of just how damaging anti-immigrant rhetoric is: “There’s a sinister logic to it: Latina women aren’t mothers; they drop babies. Latino fathers don’t support their families; they steal jobs. So the undocumented are blurred into a faceless horde that threatens to crowd out deserving U.S. citizens. This rubric teaches “real Americans” that their status must be vigilantly guarded, because citizenship isn’t a birthright, but a privilege, reserved for real people.”

In the United States, when we hear racism, we think of white people discriminating against black people. That’s a reasonable jump, as most of the racism in the U.S. is based on a history of people with white skin enslaving Africans. Of course, racism affects all people of color, including (but not limited to) Indians, Native Americans, Latin@s, etc. I think it’s critical to remember, however, that racism exists all over the world, not just in Western majority-white countries. Here is a good example of the breadth and variety of racism across the world.

I’ve definitely been guilty of wondering why someone would spend their money on luxuries I consider frivolous, like super nice cars, if they’re strapped for cash and maybe don’t have enough money to buy food for the week. But this post makes me understand how classist that kind of thinking is.

On listening to the voices of the oppressed, instead of co-opting those voices for our own use.

Black, butch woman talks about stereotypes surrounding butch women – namely that people expect them to be physical laborers, doers, rather than intellectuals.



17 Aug

You may have noticed that my blogroll, while small, contains some awesome links. I started off just linking to the blogs of my friends (Jessica Annabelle, Joe, Dan, D’laney, Molly Looze, and Naomi) but recently decided that I’d like to include links to some of the blogs I check every day.

A couple of them are feminist blogs (Feministe and Feministing), a couple are more LGBTQIA focused (Dan Savage and Fit For a Femme [the writer of this blog posts pictures of her outfits, and they are AMAZING]) and a couple are blogs that cover mostly racial issues (Racialicious and Colorlines).

I’ve included a wide range of topics because I believe that being a one-issue citizen/voter/blogger is difficult and not true to who I am. Obviously, there are issues which I avoid completely, and others which I spend a majority of my time on. But I’d like my readers to be exposed to blogs which discuss some of the ideas I don’t have the time or expertise to write about.

Here, for your sampling pleasure, are some of posts/articles I’ve read recently from each of my links. Hopefully you’ll find them as intriguing, thought-provoking and revealing as I do:

  1. Colorlines – The College Graduation Gap Can Be Shrunk
  2. D’laney – COH Wrapup (I’ve linked to this before, but in case you didn’t catch it the first time…)
  3. Dan Savage – Before the Bondage Workshop
  4. Daniel – the final word at home
  5. Feministe – On That “Ground Zero” Mosque
  6. Feministing – Action Steps YOU Can Take to Improve Trans Folks’ Access to Healthcare
  7. Fit For a Femme – My little pony. (This is the most recent post, but also one of my favorite outfits so far)
  8. Jessica Annabelle – It’s Kink Week, and Jessi is doing a wonderful job of writing about kink (both personally and generally). It was hard (pun sort of intended) to choose one post, but here it is: Kink Q&A, Part Two Continued: Unlearning the Unhealthy Stuff I Felt I Should Do while Young, Straight and Female. I would urge you all to read all their kink week stuff, though. It’s great.
  9. Joe’s is a mostly personal blog, but here is one great review of a cocktail (the Alabama Slammer): Day 9 and 10: New and old friends
  10. Molly Looze – not a clue of this who i am (she’s a wonderful poet)
  11. Naomi – Heart of the Matter
  12. Racialicious – links for 2010-08-12 (while I love what the Racialicious writers have to say, one of the main reasons i read the blog is because they link to so many great articles. check ’em out)
  13. Yes Means Yes – Image

Dear friends, if any of you would like me to remove you from this post/blogroll, let me know. Otherwise, I hope you all enjoy.


14 Aug

look how awesome all of these COLORLINES charts are! omg!

There are more here.

feministe vs. feministing

10 Aug

For my readers who like to read other feminist/activist blogs, I just thought I’d voice my opinion that Feministe is better than Feministing. The most concrete reasons i can come up with are things like: Feministe touches on the marginalized groups of/by feminism a lot more (i.e. women of color, disabled women, mothers, etc.). I also just like that it feels more personal, because a lot of the bloggers talk about their own lives in relation to important feminist issues. I would strongly recommend it.

9 Aug

On disability and dancing