Archive | 10:38 pm
29 Dec

I read a blurb about this idea the other day, and it’s really stuck with me and I’m not sure why I hadn’t realized it before: using “the starving kids in Africa” as a reason for why we should appreciate what we have, or eat all the food we’re given, or whatever, is incredibly disrespectful.

It reduces an entire continent to one type of person, when, in reality, the variety of people and ways of living are endless. Africa is a beautiful continent full of beautiful, strong, healthy, well-educated people. That’s not to say there aren’t significant problems in certain areas, and it would do no good to ignore those issues. But I still believe that reducing an entire continent to “those skinny brown kids” doesn’t do those people justice. The people who fight every day to succeed, whatever that means to them.

I support them in their life journeys, and believe in what they have to give this world.