privilege part three

11 Oct

One of the biggest debates in the world of Social Justice is how to deal with privilege. There are some who believe that those who have privilege should simply reject that privilege. For example, there was a journal published for a time – which has since been discontinued – called Race Traitor. The central idea behind this journal was that white people should reject “white” as a racial category, as well as rejecting their own personal “whiteness.” Another perspective is that those who are privileged must strive to understand their privilege and the ways their privilege oppresses others. Taking responsibility for and ownership of personal privilege is important to this perspective.

Which of these do you agree with? What are some other options?

One question to consider before answering the two above is what we hope to gain from an examination of privilege. Do we hope to eliminate privilege? Which advantages are inherently negative and which are negative unless everyone has them? Should we strive for certain advantages to be available to all people, and to eliminate others? If so, how do we distinguish between the two?


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