this thought

27 Sep

has occurred to me repeatedly over the past few months:

How boring would the world be if we all looked the same?

Initially, I thought of this in terms of body type. If we all matched the Western “ideal” of body type (thin, big chest, moderately big butt, long legs, longish torso), there would be no creativity, no variability, no beauty in humanity. Being able to look around and see different heights, weights, sizes of chests and hips, musculature, skeletal makeup, makes everything so much more interesting and wonderful.

This idea can also be applied to skin color (the range of skin tones in the world is so beautiful. each person has their own nuanced and unique skin), physical ability, cultural mannerisms (ways of walking, gesturing, etc.).

The variety of the human race is our most important asset, and should be cherished.

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