today’s links

26 Sep

FBI cites terror link in raids of local activists. Someone please explain to me what is happening to this country, and how I can make it stop.

These two readings are close to my life and heart because of the people I love who have struggled with and achieved great things because of attention-allocation afflictions.

New Study Shows Promise for Identifying, Reducing Reproductive Coercion. Reproductive coercion is a type of abuse that people don’t talk about enough, but occurs incredibly frequently. It’s a way to control and limit a woman’s choices surrounding her own life.

A piece from examining how this country has, slowly but surely, stripped away women’s rights over the course of the past year. You’d think, as we move forward in time, we’d become more progressive. But it seems like America putting it in reverse and taking us back to a time before Roe v. Wade.

Related to the post above, this is one of the consequences of limited/no access to abortion in certain parts of the United States.

Despite some of the incredibly depressing links above, there is some hope. I want to finish today’s links with a post from Feminists For Choice about the way Planned Parenthood is protecting a woman’s right to choose in one of the more unlikely states: Utah.

I hope you all have a wonderful pro-choice week.


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