words and phrases…

17 Sep

…that I am tired of hearing people say:

1. “That’s gonna look pimp as hell.” Unless it’s going to look greasy and disgusting and abusive and oppressive, it’s probably not going to look “pimp.” Pimps are people who manipulate, abuse, and terrorize women and then take their money. They are not cool, smart, good looking, bomb, or any other positive identifiers. Please don’t use “pimp” as a word that expresses anything positive.

2. “Calculus raped me.” Nope. No it didn’t. Seriously though, calculus did not sexually abuse you, have sex with you against your will, steal your bodily autonomy, or generally disrupt your emotional and psychological health. It did not make you feel unsafe or targeted because of your gender, race, sexuality, etc. It was just difficult, and you need to get over it. Also, if someone asks or tells you not to  use “rape” in a casual context, you should probably just say okay and move on, instead of asking them questions like “have you been raped?” or “why not?” Those questions are just insensitive.

3. “What a bitch.” I really really really don’t like gendered insults, because they carry meanings which are inherently sexist and stereotypical. This word, in particular, is used by women, men, and others to put women “in their place.” Calling someone a bitch is an almost sure way to make them be quiet, passive, or otherwise unable to feel confident speaking up and out. “Bitch” is also used to degrade a man expressing feminine qualities. Both reasons for using “bitch” are sexist and I find the word highly offensive.

In other news, I taught someone that genderqueer people exist, and what it might mean for someone to be genderqueer.


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