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29 Aug

New U.K. Study: One in Ten Women in Prostitution Are Slaves. That should send a message to guys who pay for sex: either make sure you’re paying someone who is not a slave, or don’t pay for sex. Still haven’t reached a conclusion regarding my thoughts on legality/illegality of prostitution.

Kentucky lawyer is cited for contempt for refusing to divulge the name of her client whose status as a minor compels her to seek permission from her parents or the court before obtaining an abortion. The young girl did not want her name given in court, and the law states that she had the right for it to remain private. Rock on, KY lawyer, rock on.

Someone remind me what the problem with stem-cell research is? From what I can tell, it improves the lives of people actually living with actual diseases, who can actually feel pain. I’m glad the Obama Administration feels the same way I do.

Hey! United States! You’re failing again! A new study shows that “the U.S. trails other nations in the proportion of women holding elected positions.” But we’re really super progressive, right? And feminism is totally unnecessary, right? Because we’ve definitely reached our full potential as a gender, right? Or, you know, not.

The word “abortion” is googled more in conservative areas where access to the procedure is much more restricted. Interesting. Thoughts?
Coming at you from Feministe, which rocks my world all the time: Marginalized folks shouldn’t always have to be “the bigger persons” Too true. Most of the time, I try not to be a huge asshole when calling people out, I try to explain coherently why whatever has been done or said bothers me, and I try to be calm. At Grinnell, that’s been working really well, and people are pretty much always down to hear what I say and respect my feelings about subjects, words, etc. But sometimes that doesn’t work. And sometimes, I just don’t care how “sensitive” or “overreactive” I’m being. The other night, a guy friend (who actually isn’t really a friend anymore) made a rape joke, and I just went off on him. Two of my girlfriends were there with me, and I know there were a little taken aback by how upset I got, but I really couldn’t give less of a shit. I’m gonna get angry sometimes, and I sure as hell hope (for your sake) that it’s not at you.


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