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23 Aug

An important reminder of just how damaging anti-immigrant rhetoric is: “There’s a sinister logic to it: Latina women aren’t mothers; they drop babies. Latino fathers don’t support their families; they steal jobs. So the undocumented are blurred into a faceless horde that threatens to crowd out deserving U.S. citizens. This rubric teaches “real Americans” that their status must be vigilantly guarded, because citizenship isn’t a birthright, but a privilege, reserved for real people.”

In the United States, when we hear racism, we think of white people discriminating against black people. That’s a reasonable jump, as most of the racism in the U.S. is based on a history of people with white skin enslaving Africans. Of course, racism affects all people of color, including (but not limited to) Indians, Native Americans, Latin@s, etc. I think it’s critical to remember, however, that racism exists all over the world, not just in Western majority-white countries. Here is a good example of the breadth and variety of racism across the world.

I’ve definitely been guilty of wondering why someone would spend their money on luxuries I consider frivolous, like super nice cars, if they’re strapped for cash and maybe don’t have enough money to buy food for the week. But this post makes me understand how classist that kind of thinking is.

On listening to the voices of the oppressed, instead of co-opting those voices for our own use.

Black, butch woman talks about stereotypes surrounding butch women – namely that people expect them to be physical laborers, doers, rather than intellectuals.



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