5 Aug

is rocking my world lately.

See here for a video (and accompanying transcript) about the stop-and-frisk policy in NYC.

See here for a discussion about the recent TIME cover of the Afghan girl; it touches on disability (and feminism), the Afghanistan war, similarities to the National Geographic cover in the 80s.

See here for an interesting analogy regarding the pervasiveness and silence of privilege.

See here for another post by Maia, one of my favorite Feministe bloggers, who wrote the post I linked to and blogged about (twice) last week. This post is a little shorter, but just as thoughtful, and challenging, and stream-of-consciousness-y.

Finally, see here for a post about friendship, sex, relationships, and the way those interact in this blogger’s relationship with an ex-boyfriend. Her(?) ideas mesh with mine in a good way.


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