Reasons Bones rocks

1 Aug

1. The relationships are stellar. Booth/Bones, Angela/Hodgins. Perfection.

2. More importantly, the show brings up important issues, and looks at them through the eyes of both a scientist and an FBI agent (depicted as “the normal guy”). For example, there have been several episodes addressing the way women feel the need to manipulate their bodies to fit cultural standards. At various point, Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan is forced to identify a body that has been drastically changed by plastic surgery, dental work, etc. She wonders, somewhat devastatedly, how anyone could hate themselves enough to change the basics of their core structure: their bones. She points out how horrific it is that women are compelled to fit a societal standard, even to the point of what she believes is self-mutilation.

3. In another episode, Booth and Bones are called out to Las Vegas to identify the bones of someone found in the desert outside the city. The agent who meets them in LV tells Booth that they discovered the skeleton because of a tip from a call girl. Booth seems indignant, and asks why they had him fly the world’s foremost anthropologist from Washington, D.C. to Las Vegas on the word of “a prostitute.” Booth’s dismissal of this woman’s word based on her chosen profession is not at all rare, and might actually be the most common response to any claims made by sex workers, in regards to sexual assault, murder, or any other situation in which a “credible” witness would be necessary. Bones, however, immediately jumps on Booth’s comment, saying, “What difference does her profession make?” Ever the feminist, Bones. Ever the feminist. She recognizes that this woman’s choice of profession has nothing to do with whether she should be believed.

4. Booth: God does NOT make mistakes

Angela: Hmm, I don’t know. Putting testicles on the outside didn’t seem like such a good idea.

major win kthxbai


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