28 Jul

I’m not sure how I feel about this post yet. I do not have a problem with people who don’t identify as feminist, and I don’t have a problem with people who express issues with the feminist movement. There are many issues, including cissexism, ignoring trans rights, white privilege, etc.

I think the way she speaks about “mama” is beautiful, because that’s what I call my mom, and that’s what I hope to be called one day. I think it’s important that she point out that we can work for women without necessarily calling ourselves feminists.

What concerns me is her general hostility toward the entire feminist movement. I think she will find there are groups of people, organizations, and individuals that agree with her issues with feminism, and still choose to call themselves feminist (see: Incite! Women of Color Against Violence). I think that if she has a problem with the feminist movement, she might consider changing it from the inside. She might consider becoming a feminist, so that she can (slowly, but surely) change the face of feminism. Maybe?

“i throw a side eye at folks who call themselves feminists, especially without an adjective in front of the word.”

I am not sitting around waiting for you to approve of my feminism. I want you to challenge it and ask me questions and provoke thought and reconsideration. But just because you are not a feminist doesn’t mean you’re better than those who are, and I am not waiting for your approval. This sentence demonstrates the same “obnoxious entitled bullshit attitudes” that you say feminists possess. You don’t have to be a feminist, but don’t group us all into one category and throw us out with the trash. You’re more thoughtful than that. It shows here:

“these movements center mamas, overflow with mamas, because mamas have been at the center of every major movement in the world for change. we give birth to and nurture, in various ways, revolutionaries everyday, whether or not that has been acknowledged in the ‘official’ records. being a mama is not a description of one’s biology or genitalia. it does not describe how many children we have nestled in wombs. it is not a description of age or even male/female gender.

it is who we are. it is what we do. it is love by any means necessary.”

Yes, please.

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