What I’ve been reading

27 Jul


(One thing this blog post doesn’t say outright, but that I think is important to mention, is that women who call themselves feminists should not automatically jump to criticize the choices of other women. Nancy from the USA makes judgments based on her life, her choices, her knowledge, and completely disregards how a different path in life could lead someone to make different choices (i.e. wearing a veil as a sign of a relationship with God). I don’t think this issue is so dissimilar from the abortion debate; women should have the right to make choices about their bodies, and we should trust women to do what is best for themselves and their families. Just as we (feminists) choose not to doubt that a woman seeking an abortion is fully informed, we should also not doubt that a woman choosing to wear a veil is fully informed, and is making the decision of her own free will, because she believes it is what is best for her.)

http://enagoski.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/fluid-no-no-the-other-kind-of-fluid/ (The woman writing is a professor at Smith College. She comments on the idea of LUGs, which is something I had never heard of. Personally, I don’t doubt that some lesbians might be offended by those of us who choose to explore in certain spaces [e.g. college] and not in others [e.g. “the real world”]. But there is no way that I’m going regard my sexual exploration/fluidity/choices as anything less than what feels right and good to me, even in the face of criticism and doubt from people who think I’m not authentic enough. I think the LGBTIQ movement has a problem with embracing those of us who don’t look gay enough, who don’t act gay enough, don’t always engage in same-sex relationships. I don’t claim to understand the hardships that many gay people face in being visibly and loudly “out.” But my sexuality is not any less valid for that.)


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