27 Jul

1. Don’t buy any new clothes this school year. If I decide to buy clothes, they will be from thrift stores/trade-in shops/used clothing stores. Right now, I just can’t justify the environmental impact, the human rights violations, or the overpricing that comes with buying new clothes from department stores and specialty stores, like H&M. But I do want to continue giving my business to some places, because I think not spending at all basically just SUCKS for the economy.
2. Do more research into, and reevaluate my stance on, being vegetarian (except when it’s free-range and organic). Trying to balance what is best for my body, what’s best for the economy, what’s best for the environment, and what’s best for the animals. Sometimes those things conflict.

3. Watch more documentaries. Usually, I try to avoid serious movies because I get my dose of reality from reading blogs and the news every day. But there are some really interesting documentaries out there that I’ve been meaning to see, and I think they’re important because they gives faces and names to issues I read about and think about a lot.

4. Read a lot of the non-fiction books on my list before I go to school, so when I’m at school, I can read mostly fiction in my free time. I have a feeling I’ll be reading a lot of interesting feminist/gender studies/social issues books in my classes, and won’t have the mental energy to do much of it on my own.

6. Smile!


3 Responses to “Goals”

  1. Arden July 27, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

    Regarding goal number two, if you haven’t read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer I strongly encourage that you do. It’s great. If you’d like to borrow my copy let me know:)


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    […] This means that I am now done buying clothes that are new, and if I need clothes, I will turn to hand-me-downs, 2nd hand stores, vintage shops, etc. See my reasoning here. […]

  2. stuff « Never Kept Quiet - September 12, 2010

    […] and lots of stores, I did not get ANY new clothes, which was one of my goals for the semester (see here). I did, however, get a sweater and a shirt at a second-hand store, which is something I am […]

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