21 Jul

Idea stolen from Jessi, although I’m not sure she’s done it yet/might not post it? Anyway.

I am powerless over:

The tide
The weather
Others’ emotions
Others’ actions
Rising of the moon and sun
The way my body grows old
The past

Basic needs: water, food, sleep

My dad’s alcoholism

My friend’s apathy

How often the phone rings


Natural disasters

Judgments other people make

Slow internet

The need to just let loose and sob sometimes

I thought this list would be a lot longer. I also thought it would be a lot harder to write out. There are a lot of things I have no control over, and most of the time, it’s drives me crazy. I am a control freak, and tend to guide conversations and people in ways I think they should go. I have trouble allowing myself to be stupid and make mistakes, and if I do make mistakes, I have trouble admitting them. I guess that’s another thing I’m powerless over: I will always make mistakes, no matter how hard I try not to, or how long I deny that I’ve done so.

But writing out this list helped me realize that I have a lot more power over things than I sometimes feel like I do. Things like the political process. Sometimes I feel like I have no power over the decisions made or the laws passed, but when I think about it, there is no way I can say I am powerless over those things. I can vote. I can protest and picket and sign petitions. That gives me a voice, however quiet and small.

I think it’s good to be powerless, sometimes. To realize that you can’t control everything. I think knowing that makes it easier to accept some of the difficulties in life. But I also think, especially now, especially for women, it’s critically important to remember that we have voices, we can change things, and we are powerful.


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